Discover how many magical and unexplored places are in Romagna. Set out to discover Romagna’s inland with wonderful trips or enjoy the thrill only the regional large amusement parks can give.


Imagine to catapult yourself from the beach of the Adriatic Coast into a magical medieval village dotted with tiny streets, ancient palaces and a marvelous Castle to visit.
We are talking about San Leo, a village born on a rock overlooking the lush vegetation. It is the vegetation of Valmarecchia, an area of the surrounding inland rich in towns and little villages to be discovered. From the magical panorama of San Leo, you will breathe a different air and live a different Romagna, you will feel like you have lived more holidays in one.


If you do not want to go all the way up, you will just take 10 minutes by car to reach Santarcangelo, one of the nicest pearls along the Riviera. This village, surrounded by greenery, does not simply offer a stretch made of little streets, squares and green areas but also highly exclusive clubs and restaurants.
Here, every place offers Romagna’s traditional recipes of all kinds and oftentimes live and alternative music events are arranged. Santarcangelo must be visited even for its shops selling original and particular clothing items.


Did you know that from Rimini, in just 20 minutes’ drive, you can visit a foreign country? That’s true, you can do it by crossing the Italian customs leading to San Marino. One of the world’s smallest Republics, San Marino is a wonderful village which has kept the streets of the historic center and the monuments to visit intact. The Republic’s distinguishing feature, declared UNESCO’s heritage-listed site, are the 2 castle towers from which visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view over the entire Riviera.


High, low, long, straight or twisting slides, pool with waves, small-size pool for kids as well as dances, music, games, entertainment and a lot more. Aquafan of Riccione is a world to be lived, where slides are just one of the attractions. A day at this wonderful park will leave you an unforgettable memory of pure fun and thrill.


Oltremare theme park is one of the most loved by adults and kids, maybe because it hosts the world’s most loved mammal? We are talking about dolphins! At Oltremare you can attend the fantastic show put on by these adorable mammals and their skillful instructors. But surprises do not end here because this park, plunged into nature, also lets visitors admire birds of prey, factory animals and to explore some educational itineraries.


Both Italy and Europe in a single park, here is what one of Italy’s best known parks offers: Italia in Miniatura.
The charm of this place will never die since it presents a show enchanting both adults and kids. There are no other places to walk like giants between Italy and Europe’s most beautiful monuments. An educational, funny and unique day.
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